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Did you know there are classes today for seniors on how to use the Internet? Of course that ' s great. But why are old folk learning about a mouse, e - mail and web pages? They ' ve never heard of FTPs and PDFs. It ' s because the Net is a fairly recent invention. When today ' s seniors were young, typewriters and snail mail were all the rage. Now they ' re playing catch - up.

And what a lot of catching up there is to do. The speed with which the digital world keeps changing is mind - blowing. Just look at cell phones in the last few years. Today they ' ve become movie cameras, mini computers and much more.

So it goes without saying that anyone in business today needs to be part of the digital age. Being on - line is not important, it ' s essential. Viral is vital. Think of the days when customers use to pull out the Yellow pages to search for a store which provided the service or product they need. Not any more.

But just because you ' re young or even middle - aged doesn ' t mean you ' re internet - savvy. Sure you grew up in the computer age and you use a desk - top or lap - top for work or social networking but can you produce a web page? And not just any web page. Can you create a web page which flies; a web page which is modern and chic yet effective in getting across your message?

You see it doesn ' t matter if you are the CEO of an international corporation or a one - man or woman corner store operator selling flowers - you need a classy web presence.

Now for a fee there are heaps of designers out there who will do the whole box and dice for you. But what if you want to do it yourself? What if you have creative ideas and know your business inside out? What if you want to be in control? Fine but what if you don ' t know anything about web page design?

Well fortunately for you, there are website building softwares available now, great support magic help desk software crews that will help you every step of the way. Just search for a web building company with a track record and you are good to go.

So your only question will be; Do I need a web page? If I already have a web page, is it the one I need? Can it be improved? Do I want to be able to update my web page at any time and without cost?

People running their own business or helping in their church, seniors ' club or sporting group want to do well. They are proud of their work and want others to know about it.

Building and running a gun web site all by yourself is a great way to be successful and proud. Your sales and your self - image will grow wings when you create your own snazzy web site. If you want to, you can rule the digital world.