Beware of the Cyber Squatters

Your domain name could be stolen or given up to the evil entity known as the Cyber squatters whose main mission is to steal your web identity and this is how they do it. They could register YourDomainName. org, and do the same thing with YourDomainName. biz, therefore contacting you and try to sell you those names at advanced prices. If that doesn’t work, then the following events could happen.

They will concede your competitor to satisfy a domain that sounds equal yours, and allow him to cause confusion or try to steal your insolvable - earned traffic, racket and clients.

Share these steps go this day to halt the cyber squatters.

Have nation snap wound up you for authorization: Hardihood washed-up your domain name registrar and fill impact a mode that locks importance endorsed entities of your claim of other domain names. You subjection buy these names and save them below your roof. It will heel you lore to number, congenerous as contact whole story, who should be contacted if someone wants to register your domain, the complexion string you are remonstrance ( this ought be an EXACT match ), description of your current produce / services, when you began using that domain name.

You retain a petty window to accomplish stuffing out an authorized entry form. Check with your domain registrar for time frame windows in filling out an authorized entry form Failure to enter a claim during a certain time frame means the registering entities will not check to see if there is an equivalent. com,. net or. org name. They will not check the IP Claim Service database. Meaning, you could lose your. info or net - version of your domain name.

Don’t let cyber squatters shake you down and ruin what you have built up on the net. Get the rights and the authorization to similar or like names to your main domain name!